It’s Finally Here! Introducing “Zamzee for Groups”

The wait is over, and we can finally tell you what’s been happening behind-the-scenes lately at Zamzee!


For the past 6 months, Zamzee has been developing a robust group program to help you manage, measure and motivate physical activity. After piloting this program extensively with healthcare and school partners, it’s finally ready to be released to the public – to you!

So what is it? Zamzee for Groups is designed to get kids and their parents physically active, and to give program leaders tools to optimize the Zamzee experience for their participants.

Group Leaders can manage physical activity through the Group Dashboard, which is exclusive to Zamzee for Groups. They can set up reports to organize classes and sub-groups in their Dashboard. With accurate movement data at their fingertips, leaders can have evidence-backed conversations with kids about their real physical activity habits and how to get moving. Of course, all Zamzee for Groups participants get Zamzee meters and access to Zamzee’s award-winning motivational website, which is designed to make moving fun.

Zamzee_healthcare “For the first time ever, healthcare providers are able to get accurate movement data about their patient populations,” said Lance Henderson, CEO of Zamzee. “Before we were measuring and motivating kids’ physical activity, and making movement fun. Now we are also empowering program leaders with the tools they need to manage personalized care and coaching.”

So how does it work? Zamzee for Groups can integrate with and strengthen your existing programs, or be effective as a stand-alone experience. You’ll need at least 10 participants to sign up, which can include kids and family members. We encourage program leaders to invite parents and families to get involved. As one parent said, using Zamzee has “made me realize that I need to get more physically active for my own sake. When my son is trying to challenge me, ‘Mom, I’m going to do this more than you.’ I’m like, ‘No! I’m going to do it more than you!’ To me, the program hits the spot.”

Zamzee for Groups has already been integrated into existing healthcare weight management programs and school programs. Followers of the Zamzee blog will remember Greenfield Hebrew Academy, which has been using Zamzee for Groups to track their progress towards a million minutes of physical activity. Pediatricians and health educators have used Zamzee for Groups in weight management programs, and seen its ability to positively affect class participation, patient enthusiasm and patient physical activity levels.

Zamzee for Groups pairs Zamzee’s research-proven and award-winning game design with robust group management tools. It’s the newest addition to our product line for inspiring physical activity, and we think you’re going to like it.

Zamzee for Groups is available for order now. To find out more, check out Zamzee for Groups on

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