Middle School with Zamzee

By Timothy NguyenTim

My affiliation with Zamzee began roughly in 2011, when the Zamzee team made an appearance at my middle school. I was in 8th grade back then and the idea of an activity tracker that measures your steps intrigued me, as I was unfamiliar with idea to begin with. The enthusiasm of the Zamzee team and their persuasion quickly whipped me on board, and before you know it, the meter was on the way to my doorstep.

At first, my P.E. teacher challenged the class to see who can earn the most points, and I believe that it was the challenge that really got me going on the device. Later on, I ended up winning the competition, and ever since then, the Zamzee meter hasn’t left my side. Many of my friends commented about the device, and I gladly explained to them how it encourages you to get active. I practically wore it everyday to school and to the gym whenever vacation came around. At the gym, I was quickly remembered because I had the meter on: I stood out.

What encouraged me the most about the Zamzee meter was the accomplishments one could achieve. I always became excited when I earned a new badge, and that factor is what drove me to stay dedicated to the meter. Moreover, other than the obtainable badges, their challenges were another prime factor that kept me dedicated. From my standpoint, I thought it was a fabulous idea that one can earn tangible rewards from physical activity. Challenge after challenge, I pushed myself to earn enough Zamz for a product I wanted. That drive eventually led me to earn enough Zamz to purchase Yurbuds from BestBuy, which I proudly use every single day, and for that, I am extraordinarily grateful. It was because of this drive for accomplishment that I found myself pushing my limit of physical activity. There was even one point where I found myself exercising within my house, something I would never find myself doing because of how small my house is. But I was doing it, because of the Zamzee meter.

Whenever there was a problem with the device, the Zamzee Support Team quickly tended to my needs and got the issue resolved immediately, and I would like to draw great appreciation for that, their dedication, alone. Zed and his incredible team has never been anything but courteous and selfless, and because of that I would like to thank the entire team again for their effort, enthusiasm, compassion, placed into creating a truly remarkable piece of technology.

As I stated above, I wasn’t very knowledgeable in the wearable accessories market when I was in 8th grade. But I would have to say that the Zamzee meter increased my curiosity for physical education and the global market of fitness trackers entirely. The meter encouraged me to exercise more, which then encouraged me to learn more about what was happening when I exercised. Little did you know, in no time I was learning about the various muscle groups and how each muscle was involved in various exercises or stretches. Eventually, I also found myself learning more about the market of fitness trackers, such as the Nike Fuelband, Jawbone UP, and the Misfit Shine.

All goods things must come and go, and it’s a bittersweet occasion for me to be saying that I will not be using the Zamzee meter anymore. I am currently using a Fitbit Flex, a bluetooth-enabled fitness monitor that tracks steps, miles, calories, and sleep. One thing I would have to say about the Fitbit is that, it doesn’t encourage you to exercise more, as the Zamzee meter did. There are some challenges available, but not nearly as much as Zamzee. With that being said, I am now a sophomore in high school and am on the track team, specializing in mid-distance. We just attended our first meet of the season yesterday, and I am proud to say that I even earned my first medal for track and field – 2nd place in Triple Jump. When it comes down to it though, most of it could not have started without the enthusiasm provided by Zed, his incredible team, and the Zamzee meter I was so graciously able to trial the latter half of my middle school life. Although I have to say that I am moving on, the Zamzee team will always be in my memories as a greatly influential time of my life. To sum it up, I found myself learning about and doing many more things that I never imagined doing, all because of the one that started it all: The Zamzee Meter. 🙂

One thought on “Middle School with Zamzee

  1. Pretty inspiring! A little device that can deliver a life changing focus for a middle schooler grown up into a modest and grateful high school sophomore! Thanks for the post : )

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