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What to do When Your Son Doesn’t Love Baseball

By Andrew Kardon from Mommy’s Busy… Go Ask Daddy

Jason at the bat

I played Little League as a kid until I was almost 13 years old. I was atrocious at first and hated the game. Really, I detested playing. But as I got older, I came to love baseball. Now it’s a lifelong passion.

My oldest son Jason, however, is a bit different. Jason will watch the occasional Yankees game and even enjoys going to the stadium with me. He plays Super Mario Sluggers on the Wii all the time. But actually going outside to play baseball? That’s a whole different story.

I wanted Jason to share my passion for baseball, so we signed him up for T-Ball. When the season started, he really wasn’t very good. He understood the rules. But throwing the ball or swinging the bat just weren’t his strengths.

That first year, I was just a dad cheering him on from the sidelines. It was a tough season. The combination of his lack of skills mixed with the tremendous amount of “sit around and wait” time, just made the whole thing a painful experience for Jason.

At one point he had asked why I wasn’t a coach. So to get him to give baseball another chance, I said I’d be his coach the next year if he played again. He agreed reluctantly and the second year, I signed up to officially be an Assistant Coach. See, I figured, like me, he’d start to love the game once he got older and got a bit better at playing. It probably took me three or four years to really start enjoying the game myself as a kid. I was hoping improvement in Jason’s skills would be all the encouragement he needed to keep at it. Continue reading

Watching the World Series with the Kids

Having the San Francisco Giants play in the World Series is a special opportunity to teach kids about baseball, and help instill a lifelong love for being active. After all, it’s not every year that your hometown baseball team makes it to the World Series! So how can we use the World Series to get kids moving?

Teaching kids lifelong habits of physical activity doesn’t always have to start with them playing sports themselves. Just ask Whitney from Rookie Moms: her son Julian didn’t like sports until he started playing Fantasy Football. Now he’s a full-fledged football fanatic! As Whitney says, “You never know which aspect of an activity will be the one that harnesses a child’s enthusiasm.”

Make a special occasion out of watching the game: let the kids invite a few friends over and serve up some healthy snacks. Teach the kids the names and numbers of the star players, because watching a game is more fun if you know the players. There’s nothing more exciting than recognizing Buster Posey when he steps up to bat, and cheering when he hits a home run!

We asked David Kim, our IT Manager and resident Giants expert, which players to watch from each team. Here’s his advice: Continue reading

Zamzee at the San Francisco Giants AT&T Park

AT&T Park

Photo by Christopher Bowns/Creative Commons http://ow.ly/dHrbz

At Zamzee, we think a lot about how to make physical activity fun and engaging for kids. That’s why an extra large serving of fun, playfulness and imagination is mixed into the entire Zamzee experience. We designed Zamzee Challenges so that even the first-time mover can have a blast imagining himself as a swashbuckling pirate, inter-galactic pilot – or a hard-hitting Major League Baseball player.

This summer Zamzee is bringing Challenges to life by teaming up with our hometown San Francisco Giants. We’re sponsoring The Giant Race at AT&T Park on Sunday, September 16th. We’re giving every participant of the Kids Race a free Zamzee (courtesy of the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund) to wear as they run laps around the same baseball diamond Buster Posey calls home. We’ll also be at Game Day on Sunday, September 23rd, giving away free Zamzees to the first 500 kids we meet in the Gan Lot as the Giants face off against the San Diego Padres.

To prepare, we asked our three biggest Giants fans in the office to tell us all you need to know about the Giants and AT&T Park. Here’s what they said:

The Zamzee Fan Guide to the San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park: Everything you need to know, from traffic to ERAs
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