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Tips from Users: 7 Ways to be #1 on the Zamzee Leaderboard

So a little bird told us you want to be the leader of the Zamzee leaderboard. A worthy goal, young whippersnapper. But how do you earn enough Pointz to climb to the top? We’ve asked some of the top Zamzee users to share their tips and tricks about getting to be #1.

Let’s start with advice from JLeeBly. JLeeBly is #2 overall on the lifetime Zamzee leaderboards – impressive.

Tip #1: Upload Pointz Every Day



JLeeBly says that “if someone is really looking to make it to the top, consistency is key. Make activity, and uploading, a daily habit.”

Have you discovered that you get bonus Pointz for uploading your Pointz every day, and every week? That’s what we call a consistency streak. The more days you upload in a row, the more bonus Pointz you’ll receive.

Tip #2: Compete with Friends and Siblings

JLeeBly uses Zamzee with a group of friends, which helps everyone to “push ourselves a little bit further than normal to be #1 for the day, the week, or overall.”

Before you can become #1 on the overall leaderboard, try just moving more than your little sister or best friend. You’ll earn mega bragging rights for being the top mover in your family, and you’ll be racking in the Pointz at the same time. Continue reading

How Many Zamzee Pointz Do I Get For Walking the Dog?

New users often ask us how many Pointz they get for different types of activity. That’s an easy question to answer. It doesn’t matter how you move. As long as you are in the ZamZone, you earn about 3 Pointz per minute. If you are in the Bonus Zone (like if you are beating your average), you earn about 8 Pointz per minute. If you move on a surprise Double Pointz Day – you guessed it – you get double the Pointz.

So the next logical question is, how much do I have to move to get into the ZamZone? You’re in the ZamZone whenever your activity spikes into the light blue area of your By Minute Activity Graph. We like to say that’s when your heart starts thumping. Dancing or playing tag is a great way to get into the ZamZone.

Here’s some examples of different types of activities that do (or don’t!) get into the ZamZone.

Taking the dog for a walk at 9 PM. Some Pointz!

Taking the dog for a walk at 9 PM. Some Pointz!

Playing tennis on a Saturday morning, 11:30 AM - 1 PM. Lots of Pointz!

Playing tennis on a Saturday morning, 11:30 AM – 1 PM. Lots of Pointz!

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