My Zamzee Experience

by Ryan Scheller

photoMy name is Ryan and I am 25 years old. I love to play all kinds of games.

I found out about Zamzee from HopeLab, and have used it for about four months. How do I know about HopeLab? I helped HopeLab create the game Re-Mission2.

I found Zamzee to be helpful in my recovery from cancer because it encouraged me to get up and moving. The device is easy to use, just put it in your pocket and plug it into the flash drive of your computer at the end of the day. The Zamzee will then upload your progress into your account.

Zamzee users can accumulate points two ways. First, Pointz are given on a daily basis, based on just how active the user is during the day. But the other reward system is called Zamz. Zamz are like dollars and are accumulated by doing special challenges that last from five minutes to one hour. The trick is that they need to be done right away, as soon as you click the “bring it” button. Earning Zamz allows the user to purchase a huge selection of items, ranging from costumes for the user’s avatar all the way up to an Xbox One for 56,000 Zamz. 

Zamzee users all have avatars, which are given to you to use when you log in. The avatar can be customized with different costumes or accessories. In fact, during the holidays (starting with Halloween) the avatar can have holiday-oriented accessories. What kid or adult doesn’t like a customized avatar? Recently, Zed (Zamzee’s mascot) announced a special effect of a glowing “aura” that pulsates around the character. Normally it would cost 150 Zamz to purchase, but Zed made it available for the first hundred users for free.

I think Zamzee is a great device that gives kids and adults motivation to be more active. Being able to do challenges that earn real rewards and interacting with an avatar is a fun game experience. I would recommend the Zamzee to anyone who is trying to motivate a young person to get more exercise.

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