3 Easy Ways to Make Healthy Eating a Family Habit

By Grace Derocha, A Healthier Michigan

Kids Food Allergies Program

Photo by Kids Empowered (Creative Commons)

You hear it all the time. “Eat Healthy!” Most people have an idea of what that means; eat breakfast, drink water, watch the fat, eat more fruits and vegetables, keep your portions controlled, eat regularly…the list is endless.

As a dietitian, I know how important it is to share these lessons with kids. Here are 3 easy and proven ideas that will help you influence your kids and family to eat healthier.

1.   Lead by Example

Children are like sponges. They absorb everything that happens around them. So show them how important good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is by leading by example. Make healthy meals a priority, enjoy a variety of foods, eat fruits and vegetables, drink water, dine as a family, exercise, wear your Zamzee, log your exercise and food intake, avoid too much screen time, be kind and smile. Continue reading