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Visualizing Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity touches the lives of many families throughout the United States. To help fight the problem, First Lady Michelle Obama is working to encourage families to eat more healthy foods, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed banning large size sugary drinks across the Big Apple.  These initiatives have gotten a lot of media ttention recently, and for good reason–obesity is an issue of national concern, accounting for nearly 10% of US annual health care costs, or $150 billion a year. [1]

But sometimes the easiest way to grasp an issue is just by looking at a few simple statistics laid out in a way that helps visualize its scope and impact. Which is why we love this infographic prepared by the University of Southern California’s Master of Arts in Teaching program. Did you know that less than 25% of high schoolers take daily gym classes? We do, ’cause of this great piece of visual information. Check it out: Continue reading