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Walking: In Search of Inspiration (and Free Books)

By: Emily Schnipper, Zamzee Operations + Customer Support 

In November’s newsletter, I wrote about some of the ways I’ve made my “Walks to Nowhere” more interesting.  Like a lot of suburban people, I don’t have much to walk to, but no way am I going to miss out on the benefits of walking.  As I’ve found, walking can increase your appreciation of the world around you and even boost your creativity.  (Not to mention passing many Zamzee Challengez.)

Walking with a camera is my favorite.  I’ve given myself a mission to capture the strange and beautiful things lurking in a town that I always thought was boring.  Through walking and photographing, my perspective has shifted.  I didn’t even realize until I started writing this, but I can’t honestly say that my town is boring anymore.  (Maybe I’ve also learned that boredom isn’t always such a bad thing, but that’s another story.)  My favorite discovery, without a doubt, has been the phenomenon of Little Free Libraries.  All my friends and family know my obsession with these cute, tiny houses filled with free books for kids and adults.  Check out the map on their website here.  There may be a LFL in walking distance from you.

Photo Credit: Emily Schnipper

Photo Credit: Emily Schnipper

I’ve also found that walking is one of the best ways to get ideas or break through a creative block.  If you’re struggling with homework or work-work, go on a walk if you can.  Your renewed focus will be worth the time it takes.  Something about the rhythm of walking makes it especially good for coming up with songs or poems.  Walking is something you can do in your own time, at your own pace.  When life is filled with obligations, that opportunity can be hard to find.  In an article for the The New York Times, Kate Murphy writes about people who’ve decided to walk across the US.  She calls this epic walk a spiritual quest and a way to search for meaning in life.  As people over the centuries have found, walking can speak to some deep part of ourselves that goes beyond the benefits of exercise.


Even if you’re taking a short home/work break, you can tap into that tradition of walking as a way to find inspiration  A recent study at Stanford showed that while walking didn’t help people find one right answer, it did help them brainstorm more creative ideas.  Other studies have found that walking can reduce stress and anxiety, insomnia and depression.  It can improve memory (vocabulary words, anyone?), self-esteem, and energy levels. Unlike many other physical activities (weight-lifting, surfing, toe-wrestling), you probably already know how to walk safely, and have all the equipment you need.  So the next time you’re struggling with a problem in your life, see if walking might give you a bit of clarity.  I’ll see you on the sidewalks!

Zamzee at the San Francisco Giants AT&T Park

AT&T Park

Photo by Christopher Bowns/Creative Commons http://ow.ly/dHrbz

At Zamzee, we think a lot about how to make physical activity fun and engaging for kids. That’s why an extra large serving of fun, playfulness and imagination is mixed into the entire Zamzee experience. We designed Zamzee Challenges so that even the first-time mover can have a blast imagining himself as a swashbuckling pirate, inter-galactic pilot – or a hard-hitting Major League Baseball player.

This summer Zamzee is bringing Challenges to life by teaming up with our hometown San Francisco Giants. We’re sponsoring The Giant Race at AT&T Park on Sunday, September 16th. We’re giving every participant of the Kids Race a free Zamzee (courtesy of the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund) to wear as they run laps around the same baseball diamond Buster Posey calls home. We’ll also be at Game Day on Sunday, September 23rd, giving away free Zamzees to the first 500 kids we meet in the Gan Lot as the Giants face off against the San Diego Padres.

To prepare, we asked our three biggest Giants fans in the office to tell us all you need to know about the Giants and AT&T Park. Here’s what they said:

The Zamzee Fan Guide to the San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park: Everything you need to know, from traffic to ERAs
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Breakdance Battle like George Sampson

The Breakdance Battle challenge on My Zamzee

Getting fit isn’t just about doing grueling sprints and reps! Have you taken a Zamzee challenge yet?

Challenges are timed, story-book style adventures that make moving a lot more fun and exciting. Some challenges, like the Breakdance Battle, are single stage: get enough Pointz in the next 10 minutes and we’ll award you free Zamz. Other challenges, like the Hot Air Adventure, have successive stages: pass them all and you’ll win a heaping pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (what we refer to as bonus Zamz or a Pointz multiplier).

When you take challenges you can move however you want to rack up those Pointz. But we encourage you to get creative. After all, it’s not every day that we get to imagine ourselves as dance superstars, Major League Baseball player or medieval knights! Continue reading