Can Adults Use Zamzee?

Jeff and his kids taking a walk last weekend.

Jeff and his kids taking a walk last weekend.

Hi Team Zamzee,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much Zamzee has helped me change my life. A few minutes ago I ordered the Xbox reward after the last few months of busting my butt to earn the Zamz for it. It was a great motivator for me, and Zamzee will continue to be a great source of motivation for me and my family.

As of this morning, I’ve lost 39.8 pounds since getting my meter. I still have a long way to go to be “fit,” but I’m well on my way…and it’s largely thanks to you and that little blue meter. I spend the better part of 2-3 hours per day walking now. Time that I used to spend in front of the TV or computer is now spent doing challenges. I have more energy, my fat clothes don’t fit any more, and my wife is finding me more handsome every day! 🙂

I know your site is geared towards kids, and I’m still trying to get my own kids to use their meters more…but I just wanted you to know that you’ve helped one morbidly obese 43-year-old dad make a *massive* improvement in his fitness level and I am very thankful for it.

And if there is anything I can ever do to help you with your site, your mission, or anything at all…please do not hesitate to let me know. You’ve given me a great deal, and I’m happy to give my time and energy to help you out any way I can.

Thank you for all you do,

Jeff MacIver

Thanks for the letter, Jeff, and congratulations on the Xbox AND on making such a healthy lifestyle change. You rock our world!

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