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What Do Kids Like About Zamzee?

We wanted to know what kids liked the best about Zamzee. Since October, over 500 Zamzee users have explained their favorite part about Zamzee by submitting a Zamzee testimonial. We analyzed these testimonials to look for themes, and here’s what we found out about why kids like Zamzee.

5. Kids like using Zamzee with their friends and family


Let’s start out with the fifth most popular reason kids tell us they love Zamzee. Community. Some kids are motivated by competition. Other kids like to dance with their siblings. Either way, kids tell us that they like using Zamzee with other people, including the people they “meet” (safely) online on zamzee.com. Continue reading

How Many Zamzee Pointz Do I Get For Walking the Dog?

New users often ask us how many Pointz they get for different types of activity. That’s an easy question to answer. It doesn’t matter how you move. As long as you are in the ZamZone, you earn about 3 Pointz per minute. If you are in the Bonus Zone (like if you are beating your average), you earn about 8 Pointz per minute. If you move on a surprise Double Pointz Day – you guessed it – you get double the Pointz.

So the next logical question is, how much do I have to move to get into the ZamZone? You’re in the ZamZone whenever your activity spikes into the light blue area of your By Minute Activity Graph. We like to say that’s when your heart starts thumping. Dancing or playing tag is a great way to get into the ZamZone.

Here’s some examples of different types of activities that do (or don’t!) get into the ZamZone.

Taking the dog for a walk at 9 PM. Some Pointz!

Taking the dog for a walk at 9 PM. Some Pointz!

Playing tennis on a Saturday morning, 11:30 AM - 1 PM. Lots of Pointz!

Playing tennis on a Saturday morning, 11:30 AM – 1 PM. Lots of Pointz!

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New Research Shows Zamzee Increases Physical Activity by Almost 60%

If this girl had a Zamzee, she’d be the one doing pushups, and she’d probably look as tired as that girl does after scrubbing floors for three hours!

Lots of people ask us if Zamzee really works. This week, we received strong validation of Zamzee’s ability to make real change in getting kids moving. HopeLab and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released new research from a six-month scientific study of Zamzee amongst middle school students across America.[1] The results? Zamzee increased physical activity in kids by 59% and reduced biological risk factors associated with heart disease and diabetes.

Let’s explain this exciting news in a little more detail, shall we?

First off, you probably want to know more about the study. HopeLab gave Zamzee activity meters to 448 middle school kids enrolled in the study from  urban, suburban and rural schools across the U.S. Half of the study participants (the control group) just had a Zamzee meter to track their physical activity, but they didn’t have access to the motivational website. The other half of the study participants had a Zamzee meter AND access to the motivational website.[2] Bet you can guess which group had more fun!

After six months of kids moving around with Zamzee, the final Point was earned, the last upload was completed, and HopeLab crunched the numbers. And the results? The group that had access to the Zamzee website moved a whopping 59% more than the control group – which is approximately an extra 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week. Hold your horses, everyone, it gets even more exciting! Kids who were really at risk for sedentary behavior got moving, too. Overweight participants (BMI >25) increased their activity by 27%, and girls increased their activity by 103%! Zamzee is really working for these kids. Continue reading