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Using Technology to Modernize Physical Education (P.E.)

By Cindy Sisson Hensley, Co-Founder of ConnectTIVTY[1]

Using Zamzee to connect P.E. with technology and rewards

At the forefront of physical education today are discussions of swapping old gym standards like dodgeball and kickball for games that incorporate technology. Using technology in P.E. may seem counterintuitive to old-timers, but today’s youth engage more with physical games that utilize technology. And if the objective of P.E. is to help students develop a lifelong affinity for physical activity, than using innovative, motion-centric technology is one strong tool in P.E. teacher’s toolboxes that shouldn’t be overlooked.

“Typically, there is so much focus [in P.E.] on star athletes and the sports they play,” said Artie Kamiya, National P.E. Institute co-chair. “A new chapter in the battle against childhood obesity has begun by helping P.E. teachers activate all of their students with a wider variety of games, sports and exercises that can be continued through life.”

The national childhood obesity epidemic has forced experts to rethink how P.E. has been taught in the past. Today’s kids think sports are boring – 84 percent say they sometimes wish they had more fun when playing youth sports. Not surprisingly, 42 percent say they’d rather play video games than sports, and when asked why, 74 percent said video gaming is more fun.[2] Continue reading