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History of Zed

Zed whooshing and whirring

Zamzee’s mascot is Zed, and we affectionately call him our Chief Movement Officer (or CMO for short). Zed sends you all your Shoutz and notifications on MyZamzee. But sometimes kids want to know – who is this little ball of energy, and what is he really about?

Kids have submitted all sorts of questions about Zed to our help desk. Here are some of our favorites, and Zed’s answers.

Q: Where does Zed live?

A: Zed lives in the clouds, where he can make the most of his passion for whooshing and whirring. But every now and then he zips down and pays the Zamzee team a visit at our office in Redwood City, California.

Q: Does Zed play any sports or something?

A: Zed has lots of hobbies! He loves skateboarding, playing soccer, and dashing around town. He also likes to discover cool new music and tell his friends about it.

Q: Does Zed do anything normally?

A: Where Zed comes from, being a little ball of energy IS normal. So is swinging through the trees in search of a carrot. Continue reading