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Interview with a Zamzee User: Akiva (Age 6)

By Barry Joseph, Dad, and his 6 year old son Akiva

Akiva on Zamzee

My now-six year old son had a Zamzee during the first half of this year, which he used nearly every day. Not wanting to undermine his nominal but existing internal motivation towards physical activity, we decided not to provide motivation to use it  – no money from us to put on it, no reminders to use it, etc. If he wanted to use it, it was all up to him. And the only external motivation would come from the Zamzee Web site and the game mechanics within.

He took full responsibilities for his Zamzee – from the money that went on it to remembering to take it out of his pants before putting away his laundry. I interviewed him about it while we were driving back home from a long day spent at a summer Amusement Park. He was playing the game Temple Run on his iPod.

Me (Barry): The folks from Zamzee asked us to tell them what it has been like for you and for our family to be using  Zamzee.

Akiva: Yup.

Barry: Last December I told you about Zamzee for the first time. Do you remember what it was like when I first told you about it? Continue reading