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7 Ways to Keep Kids Moving During the School Year


Photo courtesy of ben.chaney’s Flickr steam (http://ow.ly/dy8Jc)

School is back in session, which means kids are back in their desks. But with all that learning comes a whole lot of sitting. How can we ensure kids make physical activity a part of daily life when they spend most of the day sitting at school? Here’s a few tips to make sure the school year is just as active as the summer.

1.    Get to school 15 minutes early and leave 15 minutes late

Making time for the kids to climb on the jungle gym or swing on the monkey bars before they sit down for class has big payoffs. Exercise improves the brain’s chemical growth factors, helping us learn. Did you know researchers found that students score higher on tests after 10 minutes of physical activity? Taking the time to let the kids play before they sit and concentrate will actually help them concentrate better. Likewise, letting them blow off some steam after school by staying at the playground for an extra 15 minutes will help them focus on their homework once they get home – and help your afternoons run smoother.

2.    Bike to school one day each week

There’s no reason why Bike to Work/School Day has to happen only once per year. Try getting in the habit of biking to school every Friday. Make it a routine and it’ll be easier to stick with it. It’s not only good exercise for the kids, it’s good exercise for you! Instead of driving back and forth to school in traffic each morning and afternoon, you’ll spend that time getting in your exercise for the day so that you can skip the gym later. Bonus points for spending fun, healthy quality time with the kids! Continue reading