The Top 10 Zamzee Blog Posts of 2013

On the Zamzee blog, we document the scientific research behind Zamzee, our efforts to fulfill our mission of improving kids’ health, and fun stories and ideas about families getting active. Looking back at the most popular posts of 2013, it’s clear that Zamzee Blog readers are interested in the full spectrum of physical activity. But what’s the most popular? Here are the 10 most-read blog posts of 2013:

1.) 5 Playground Games from Around the World

Topping the charts of 2013 was a fun blog post about playground games from around the world. Look no further if you are looking for inspiration on how to spice up your kids’ backyard play: these games will have you moving, laughing, and earning mega-Pointz on your Zamzee meters!

2.) What’s the Difference Between a Pedometer, an Accelerometer and a Zamzee?

The second most popular blog post of 2013 was a short and sweet piece explaining the difference between pedometers, accelerometers and a Zamzee. If you’re new to Zamzee and activity trackers in general, this post is a great starting point for understanding more about your options for tracking your physical activity.

3.) Using Technology to Modernize Physical Education (P.E.)

A personal favorite of the Zamzee staff, this guest blog post by Cindy Sisson Hensley takes a look ahead at how technology can transform physical education to make school P.E. more engaging for today’s kids.

4.) How to Play Gagaball

It’s clear that Zamzee Blog readers know how to have fun by moving! After you’ve finished playing all the playground games from around the world, you can work up a sweat with these game suggestions, courtesy of the Rookie Moms.

5.) How To Motivate Physical Activity: Are rewards the key?

People often ask us how rewards can motivate physical activity. Zamzee and HopeLab have done extensive research on using rewards to get kids active. This post is a basic overview of our approach to getting sedentary kids up and active.

6.) The “What’s a Zamzee?” Song

“I was lying on the floor, without a single thing to do….” So starts the one and only “What’s a Zamzee?” Song, created for us by a very talented high school senior and her little sister. A one-minute showstopper, you have to watch this YouTube video if you haven’t seen it yet!

7.) 4 “How To Dance” Tutorials: Fun ideas to get moving indoors

Continuing on the fun-track, the seventh most popular Zamzee blog post of 2013 is a dance tutorial round-up. We love to write about fun ways to get your family active, even when the kids are stuck inside. So the next time there’s a snow day, start a Zamzee Challenge, hit play and get ready to dance!

8.) What To Do When Your Son Doesn’t Love Baseball

Sometimes getting kids to be physically active is hard. We get that. This heartwarming post by guest blogger Andrew Kardon addresses a challenging question that many parents face: how do you get kids to try sports when they aren’t having any fun on the field?

9.) How To Motivate Kids to Start Exercising – And Stick With It

The ninth most popular blog post gets back to the research behind Zamzee. You asked how we use intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to get kids to start exercising. This post gives an overview of our CAMPR framework, and how it applies to the Zamzee motivational website.

10.) New Research Shows Zamzee Increases Physical Activity by Almost 60%

Coming in just under the wire, the last post on our top 10 list is about some big news we announced on the research side of the organization: research conducted by HopeLab and supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that Zamzee increases physical activity by almost 60%! Moreover, kids using Zamzee showed improved control of biomarkers associated with heart disease and diabetes.

This great news is a great way to finish off our top blog posts of 2013. Thank YOU for being a reader of our blog, and for your interest in improving kids’ health! Now: onwards to more moving and more blogging in 2014!

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