A Holiday Ode to HopeLab

Every year in December, we have the opportunity to spend quality time with our friends and family. We reminisce over past milestones, whether it’s a child’s graduation or a winning science fair project. As we thought about this tradition at Zamzee, we realized we, too, have an family member we want to commemorate. HopeLab.

HopeLab is the nonprofit research organization that created Zamzee. Their mission is to use the power and appeal of technology to improve the health of kids. Like any proud kid who wants to brag about the work of their parents, we want to tell you about some of HopeLab’s accomplishments from 2013.

Re-Mission 2

This year HopeLab launched Re-Mission 2, a collection of online games that help young people with cancer fight their disease. The games put players inside the human body to defeat cancer, using weapons like chemotherapy, antibiotics and the body’s natural defenses. The great thing about the Re-Mission 2 games is that research shows they motivate players to stick to their treatments by boosting positive emotions and self-efficacy, and by shifting attitudes about chemotherapy. Even better? The games are free and available online for anyone, anywhere to play. You can even try them yourself right now, or download the IOS and Android apps to play on your phone or tablet.

Resilience Initiative

HopeLab’s game design approach has always been deeply grounded in research about what affects the psychological and biological health of kids. This year they decided to take that research one step closer to the source by launching a major new initiative on resilience, or the ability to bounce back from adversity. Scientists already know the main sources of resilience (a sense of purpose in life, a healthy connection to others, a sense of control over one’s destiny). But what’s less understood is how people can get more resilience. That’s why HopeLab is now working to catalyze the development of mobile apps and other technologies to enhance people’s everyday purpose, connection and control as a way to cultivate more human resilience. You can join the resilience conversation at http://resiliencetech.org.

Work Culture

HopeLab’s investment in innovation and social impact isn’t the only thing that makes them a great place to work. They are also deeply committed to creating an organizational environment that fosters connection, respect, integrity, learning, and joy. Why? Because once these foundations are in place, individuals thrive more and, by extension, so does the organization. To see for yourself what that investment looks like, browse the Check-In Deck or their Questions for Curious Leaders.

In our annual holiday letter, we couldn’t be prouder of HopeLab’s accomplishments from 2013. Happy Holidays and three cheers for HL!

One thought on “A Holiday Ode to HopeLab

  1. It takes a family member like HopeLab to nourish a start up like Zamzee.
    And likewise, the crew who has been bringing Zamzees to families and kids who get excited and get moving, are making a difference. Happy Holidays for everyone.

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