Zamzee for Groups Program Curriculum Launched Today

ZamzeeCurriculumToday we announced a new product launch, the Zamzee for Groups Program Curriculum! The Program Curriculum is a complete syllabus for increasing physical activity presented in a lesson-plan-style format that is teachable by any instructor using Zamzee for Groups. It makes it even easier for program leaders to use Zamzee to motivate, measure and manage physical activity.

Over the course of 2013, Zamzee piloted our group program in hospital clinics, schools and community programs. We worked closely with program leaders to use Zamzee to help improve kids’ health. After integrating the learnings from our pilots, in October we launched Zamzee for Groups. Zamzee for Groups is a powerful reporting system which makes it easy for program leaders to get accurate data about physical activity and motivate kids to move more.

After the launch of Zamzee for Groups, we continued to monitor our programs and consider ways we could make it even easier for program leaders to use technology to increase physical activity. The Zamzee for Groups Program Curriculum was developed to help instructors quickly get their Zamzee for Groups programs up and running. It makes it simple to use Zamzee to kickstart a physical activity program or strengthen an existing class.

The Program Curriculum includes comprehensive lesson plans, classroom handouts, physical activity games and keepsake awards that make healthy lifestyle programs educational and fun. Lesson plans emphasize increasing physical activity, but the curriculum also touches about nutrition, body image, goal setting and more. Along the way, participants play fun games and work together to get moving with their family.

To develop the Program Curriculum we worked with an expert in the field of health education. Our lead collaborator, Kimberly Young, teaches health education in clinical settings, from pediatric weight management courses to pre-natal programs. She piloted Zamzee in her own weight management classroom, and saw incredible results of a more than 50 percent increase in program completion rates. Kimberly’s expertise from the front lines of health education makes the Program Curriculum highly functional and adaptable for any situation, from short classes to long programs.

Do you want a chance to see for yourself what the curriculum is all about? You can download a preview of the Program Curriculum by heading over to Flip through the preview pages and then leave us a comment below, and let us know what you think!

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