How Rewards Made Physical Activity a Habit – Zamzee User Interview

Ilan earned 18,000 Zamz to get a Wii!

Ilan moved enough to earn 18,000 Zamz and get a Wii!

One of the most exciting parts about getting a new Zamzee is the realization that you can earn a free Wii or Xbox by collecting Zamz. Rewards are a crucial part of Zamzee’s game design to get kids moving. This type of extrinsic motivation inspires kids to make a behavior change and kickstarts their physical activity. As they work towards their extrinsic reward (whether it’s a small plush toy or a Wii), Zamzee fosters kids’ intrinsic motivation by making moving fun and social. The end result is kids get in the habit of being physically active. It’s an approach grounded in Deci and Ryan’s theory of behavior change and HopeLab’s research on Zamzee, which is why we know it works.

All that being said, every now and then it’s nice to meet a real user that’s benefited from Zamze. Ilan C., a Zamzee user from Greenfield Hebrew Academy, is the latest Zamzee user to receive a Wii for all his moving. We interviewed Ilan and his parents to find out just how Ilan earned a Wii, and how you can, too!

Zamzee: Hi Ilan! Congratulations on getting a Wii! Tell us, how long were you working towards earning the Wii?

Ilan: I was working toward the Wii for about 6 months.

Zamzee: Wow! That is a really long time and a LOT of moving! How did you stay active to earn enough Zamz?

Ilan: I did baseball, football and I rode my bike, took walks and ran too. My favorite activities are playing outside with my dad and riding my bike.

Zamzee: How does it feel to have earned the Wii after 6 months of moving?

Ilan: I feel good.

Zamzee: What games will you play on your Wii?

Ilan: I will play Wii Sports when my dad buys me that game after I get another remote so that he can play with me.

Zamzee: Do you have any advice for other kids that are trying to move enough to earn something big on

Ilan: My advice: Start finishing your homework early so that you can do challenges and move as often as you can. You have to make a daily Zamz goal with your parents to keep you moving toward your goal. Also, check out the best challenges that will get you the most Zamz. I wish everyone who is trying to earn enough Zamz to get a Wii, the BEST of LUCK!

Next we talked to Ilan’s parents to learn more about how Ilan got moving enough to accomplish his goal.

Zamzee: Hi Mom and Dad! How does it feel to see Ilan accomplish his goal?

Ilan’s Parents: We were so excited as he got closer and closer to getting the 18,000 Zams. We are very proud of his dedication to a long-term goal.

Zamzee: How did you support Ilan over six months of moving with his Zamzee? That’s a pretty long time!

Ilan’s Parents: Ilan was very good at keeping an eye on how many Zams he earned each day. We just made sure to help him get his homework done before he started any challenges on school days. We told him how proud we were that he was continuing to work toward his goal.

Zamzee: What advice do you have for other parents on how to inspire their kids to exercise?

Ilan’s Parents: The best thing is to do it with your kids…that is the best way, because they will have time with you, stay active and have fun.

Zamzee: Are you planning on using the Wii yourself? If so, what types of games are you going to play?

Ilan’s Parents: We have never played the Wii, so we are not sure how to do it! But we are looking forward to trying it out.

*For more advice on earning big-ticket rewards on, check out this blog post about a Zamzee user who earned a free Xbox!

One thought on “How Rewards Made Physical Activity a Habit – Zamzee User Interview

  1. Congratulations on the Wii, Ilan. I find the Wii is a great tool to get some physical activity in while also having fun. My family has one for our kids, and even standard games feature many maneuvers to really get you to be more physical. Good on Zamzee to pair the Wii with their program.

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