Zamzee Customer Service

If you ever have a question or problem with your Zamzee, you can email or call (855) 771 – 3148. Amy Shakoori usually acts as the Voice of Zed, and she meets some pretty great Zamzee users. Just check out her conversation with one of our users below.


Amy and Zed talk Justin Bieber in their downtime.

Hi Zed,

I think I have loved my Zamzee to death–literally. I am sad to report that my Zamzee passed away on Sunday. We had so many great adventures together. We played lacrosse, basketball, football, scootered and rode bikes together. My Zamzee did not survive our last adventure though–jumping on the trampoline. I am hoping to replace my Zamzee so that we can continue to have many fabulous adventures together. Would you pease let me know how to replace my dear Zamzee?

Thank you,


Hi Ryan,

We send our sincere condolences for the loss of your dear Zamzee. The memories you shared can’t truly be replaced. However, in accordance with the circle of life, a new Zamzee has been birthed to take its place as your fabulous adventures continue.

In appreciation for the love and care you have shown your Zamzee, we will happily send you a shiny new meter so you two can acquaint yourselves (we understand first introductions can be a little awkward, but you’ll be friends fast!). We will also provide a stamped return envelope so you can send us your dearly departed Zamzee for a proper burial.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Let the movin’ and groovin’ resume!

Zed & Team Zamzee

Hi Zed,

Thank you for taking care of the funeral arrangements for my Zamzee. I am returning him with a headstone for his burial plot. I got my new Zamzee in the mail on Saturday. Thank you for sending it so fast. It is all charged and I can’t wait to get using it and having lots of adventures with it.

I think the spirit of my old Zamzee must still be living in my computer because my new Zamzee isn’t able to link to my account. I hope that when you lay my old Zamzee to rest that my new Zamzee will become activated and will be able to join me for some fun and excitement.

Also, thank you for sending a soccer skin for my Zamzee, it really gives him personality. I love earning points and being able to spend them for things. I ordered a Skylander a while ago but I did not get the Skylander with my Zamzee though. I am hoping to get my Skylander before Friday because I ordered it for my little brother for his birthday. His birthday is on Friday.

Thank you,


Hi Ryan,

We eagerly await your dearly departed Zamzee. He has been officially deactivated and his spirit laid to rest. Your new Zamzee can now be activated by connecting it to your computer. Oh, the adventures you’ll have together! We can’t wait to hear about them. 🙂

Your Skylander reward must have been stuck in trance because it was returned back to us by the post office. Weird. We’re going to resend it today, and hopefully all goes well so it can arrive at your house in time for your brother’s birthday. We’re sure he’ll be stoked!

Thank You!

Zed & Team Zamzee


If you ever have questions about Zamzee or want to chit-chat with Zed, just email or call (855) 771 – 3148!

2 thoughts on “Zamzee Customer Service

  1. Nice to meet you, Amy of
    Zed! I really liked this post. And Ryan, I appreciated your headstone for your
    Zamzee. I, too, had a zamzee that died recently and thanks to the great team at am up and “running” again! Oh what fun!

  2. Hi Aikigirl!

    Lovely to meet you as well! I’m glad we were able to help you out with your deceased Zamzee. It’s such an exciting feeling to get “up and running” again. 🙂

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