What Do Kids Like About Zamzee?

We wanted to know what kids liked the best about Zamzee. Since October, over 500 Zamzee users have explained their favorite part about Zamzee by submitting a Zamzee testimonial. We analyzed these testimonials to look for themes, and here’s what we found out about why kids like Zamzee.

5. Kids like using Zamzee with their friends and family


Let’s start out with the fifth most popular reason kids tell us they love Zamzee. Community. Some kids are motivated by competition. Other kids like to dance with their siblings. Either way, kids tell us that they like using Zamzee with other people, including the people they “meet” (safely) online on zamzee.com.

4. Earning Zamzee Pointz


Kids like earning Zamzee Pointz for moving. Even if they aren’t the MVP or superstar athlete on their school sports team, kids can feel accomplishment and recognition for their physical activity by accumulating Zamzee Pointz. It’s a great way to recognize and track progress.

3. Zamzee is fun


Over and over again, we hear that Zamzee is just plain fun. Some kids specify that taking Zamzee challenges or designing an avatar is their favorite thing about Zamzee. Other kids write that the whole experience is lots of fun. Either way, we’re glad to hear it because this is exactly what we designed Zamzee to be: fun.

2. Kids like earning rewards


Rewards motivate kids to get moving. The Zamzee rewards catalog was curated for kids. That’s why we have things like shoelaces, silly apps, racecars, and plush toys. While some kids save up for a big-ticket item like an Xbox, others like getting smaller rewards more frequently. Kids can earn rewards by taking Zamzee Challenges or by achieving movement Goals set for them by their parents. By reading these testimonials, it’s clear that rewards work to help kids get active.

1. Zamzee helps kids exercise


And finally, for the runaway top reason why Zamzee makes moving fun: kids say that Zamzee helps them exercise. Zamzee is inspiration and motivation to get moving and be healthier. Kids tell us anecdotes about running around like crazy during recess because of Zamzee. That’s because kids know and love that Zamzee helps them get moving.

Check out the Zamzee Testimonials page to read all the reasons why kids love Zamzee.

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