How to Get a Free Xbox


pburdette stands in front of her Xbox!

The most popular item in the Zamzee Rewards shops is the Xbox 360 Console. Earn 21,000 Zamz and this sleek black beauty could be yours.

But new users often ask us, “Does anyone ever win an Xbox?”

Yes. Just this week, pburdette dropped 21,000 Zamz and we sent her an Xbox the very same day.

So how did she do it? We interviewed pburdette so you can learn her tricks and earn an Xbox yourself.

Zamzee: Hi pburdette. Congrats on winning the Xbox!

pburdette: Thanks! It feels great to have accomplished my goal.

Zamzee: No kidding! What are you planning to do with the Xbox? Do you have any favorite games?

pburdette: I am going to give the Xbox to my son and I am sure he will have a favorite game to play.

Zamzee: Wow, your son is super lucky to have a mom like you. Have you ever earned any small rewards on Zamzee, or have you saved all your Zamz for the Xbox?

pburdette: I saved ALL my Zamz for the Xbox because that’s what I really wanted. I’m not sure how long it took me to get enough Zamz, but I enjoy exercising so it didn’t seem like very long.

Zamzee: How did you earn all those Zamz?

pburdette: I picked the challenges with the most Zamz and then got moving. If you think of all the fun you can have with your Xbox and a few friends, it will be worth the time it takes to earn those Zamz!

Zamzee: Totally! Do you have any tips for kids that are trying to earn an Xbox?

pburdette: Just keep moving and the Zamz will add up fast. Keep thinking about how much fun you’ll have with the Xbox and how you earned it for yourself. Keep going – I’m cheering for you!

Thanks pburdette for the tips and encouragement! We bet Xboxes will be flying off the Zamzee shelves soon…

6 thoughts on “How to Get a Free Xbox

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    • Hi Deloshuff! Pburdette won the original Xbox 360. Currently on Zamzee rewards we are offering the Xbox One, a higher priced item packed with lots more awesome features. Prices on Zamzee won’t go up, but they will reflect the original price of the item. Hope that helps answer your question!

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