Zamzee News, Reviews and Press (Spring 2013 Update)

  1. In late December we received a great Christmas present: Zamzee was featured by the Grey Lady!
  2. Probably the only thing sweeter than a New York Times article is all the customer feedback we’ve received lately. Kids (and parents!) are loving their Zamzees.
  3. @Zamzee giving two out for gifts! Merry Christmas Zamzee team! You changed our life!
  4. Okay Dylan is loving his “race car clip”. AKA his @Zamzee. This kid has been running around like, well, a race car for the last 15 min.
  5. @Zamzee @AccordingToMags even with morning temps of 18F, I’m still doing my ‘take the next station & walk to work’ routine 😉 zammin it up!
  6. More Zamzee users are walking into our doors every day.
  7. Speaking of the Zamzee blog, we’ve featured lots of great guest writers.
  8. How (NOT) to Help Your Kid Train for a One-Mile Running Race: [My new post for @Zamzee!]
  9. We also had our first music video about Zamzee. Can you believe this was created by a high school student? Thanks Annie!
  10. And finally, on the business front, we’ve been getting Zamzees into the hands of kids who need it the most: kids attending weight clinics.
  11. That’s the news, reviews and press from Zamzee!

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