The 10 Most Important Features of Zamzee

1. The Zamzee meter. Stick it in your pocket or clip it to your shoe, and your Zamzee meter will measure your movement throughout the entire day. Zamzee makes running around at recess twice as nice: you’ll have fun moving on the playground and your movement will be worth something when you get home and upload your Pointz to your computer.

meter soccer shoes
2. The Zamzee Upload Center. You’ll need to download the Zamzee Upload Center on your home computer so that you can transfer Pointz from your Zamzee meter to


3. Your Zamzee avatar. This is your identity on When you first start using Zamzee your avatar looks like a little grey alien. But once you start earning Zamz, you can spend them to personalize your avatar and make it look awesome.


4. The difference between Pointz and Zamz. You earn Pointz for all the moving you do, as well as things like uploading regularly to (those are called Bonus Pointz). Pointz help you keep track of your movement, compete on the Leaderboards and pass through the 17 levels of Zamz are the Zamzee currency. You use Zamz to buy rewards on You can earn Zamz for free by taking Zamzee Challenges, and you can also earn Zamz a little faster if your parents pay for Zamzee Goalz.


5. Zamzee Goalz. Zamzee Goalz are motivation to move. When somebody (usually a parent) funds a goal for you, it’s time to start moving double-time. All your activity throughout the day counts towards unlocking your Goal, so the more you get moving, the sooner you’ll be able to pick out a big-time reward.


6. Rewards. Once you have Zamz to spend, check out the rewards. You can purchase clothing and pets for your avatar, a new skin for your Zamzee, iPhone apps, plush toys, shoelaces, Lip Smackers, XBox and Wii gaming consoles, and you can even make donations to charity.


7. Zamzee Challenges. Do you like earning rewards for free? If so, you’ll want to take lots of Zamzee Challenges. In a Zamzee Challenge you follow a storyline and you have to earn a certain number of Pointz in a certain time frame (like at least 40 Pointz in the next 20 minutes). If you earn enough Pointz to pass the Challenge, you get free Zamz or Bonus Pointz.


8. Your Zamzee Activity Graph. How can you tell how much you’ve been moving? You can see how many minutes you move each day (and whenever you beat your average) on your “By Day” Activity Graph. Some days might be a surprise Double Pointz Day – make sure you move every day so you never miss the opportunity for Bonus Pointz! You can see what time you moved (and the intensity of your activity) on your “By Minute” Activity Graph. On your “By Minute” chart, you can also see when you moved in the light blue ZamZone – which is the zone where you start earning Pointz.


9. The Leaderboard. Want to check out some of the other users on Zamzee and see how you stack up to the competition? On the Zamzee Leaderboard you can see which users have been most active. If you like competition, this is where you’ll want to stick around.


10. Whamz. One of our favorite features on the Zamzee website is Whamz. Think MadLibs meets status updates meets crazy. When you upload new Pointz to, you can send a wham telling other users how you earned those Pointz. Tell it like it is (were you “Playing soccer at school with friends”?) or get a little creative (maybe you were “Taming dragons on a spaceship to save the world”).
11. Family View. This is a bonus tip. Parents can use Zamzee Family View to manage more than one Zamzee account. After kids create their own individual accounts, parents can link those accounts to one Family View account. You can keep track of everyone’s activity progress and fund Goalz, all in one place.


2 thoughts on “The 10 Most Important Features of Zamzee

  1. Just a thought–I wonder if there should be a “tips” menu on the website where some of this great content could live. It’s so much more helpful than the FAQ. Linking to the blog is fine, but I think a separate, called-out navigable section of the website could be really helpful for users.

    Product Developer in Exile 🙂

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