Tips from Users: 7 Ways to be #1 on the Zamzee Leaderboard

So a little bird told us you want to be the leader of the Zamzee leaderboard. A worthy goal, young whippersnapper. But how do you earn enough Pointz to climb to the top? We’ve asked some of the top Zamzee users to share their tips and tricks about getting to be #1.

Let’s start with advice from JLeeBly. JLeeBly is #2 overall on the lifetime Zamzee leaderboards – impressive.

Tip #1: Upload Pointz Every Day



JLeeBly says that “if someone is really looking to make it to the top, consistency is key. Make activity, and uploading, a daily habit.”

Have you discovered that you get bonus Pointz for uploading your Pointz every day, and every week? That’s what we call a consistency streak. The more days you upload in a row, the more bonus Pointz you’ll receive.

Tip #2: Compete with Friends and Siblings

JLeeBly uses Zamzee with a group of friends, which helps everyone to “push ourselves a little bit further than normal to be #1 for the day, the week, or overall.”

Before you can become #1 on the overall leaderboard, try just moving more than your little sister or best friend. You’ll earn mega bragging rights for being the top mover in your family, and you’ll be racking in the Pointz at the same time.



Let’s introduce you to another user. This is Mightythor. Mightythor is #7 on the lifetime Zamzee leaderboards.

Tip #3: Take Zamzee Challenges

Mightythor and JLeeBly both make sure to take Zamzee Challenges whenever they plan to be active. Chores are a great time to sneak in some extra Pointz. As Mightythor says, “I mow the lawn and do challenges while mowing.”

Taking Challenges with a Pointz multiplier is a great way to bring in Pointz more quickly. Remember to start a Challenge when you know you’ll be moving a lot already – like during lunch recess or soccer practice.

Are you ready to meet another user? This is pburdette. Pburdette is #4 on the lifetime Zamzee leaderboards. Wow!

Tip #4: Pick a Reward



All of the leaders of the leaderboard say that rewards are great motivation to move. Pburdette suggests that you “pick something out for yourself or as a gift for someone else. It’s never to soon to start your Birthday or even your Christmas shopping!”

It’s easy to remember to move when you’re working towards a specific reward. Just imagine that Xbox whenever you come home from school, grab your Zamzee, and start doing the boogie-woogie!

Tip #5: Move Every Day

Pburdette says it’s important to “be consistent and get into the habit of regular exercise.”

Try finding a time and activity when you know you can

earn Pointz everyday. It doesn’t have to be a “sport,” it should just be

Will your avatar be here?

Will your avatar be here next?

something that gets your body moving. Are you responsible for taking the dog for a walk? Great! Grab the leash and your Zamzee. Do you have to babysit your little brother after school? Perfect! Toss a football with him in the backyard. If you move every day, you’ll earn Pointz every day.

Tip #6: Wham after you Upload

This tip is pretty easy. Mightythor suggests you “wham after each upload.”

Have you discovered Prime Pointz yet? That’s what you get whenever your total Whamz count hits a prime number – like 11, 17 or 29. Keep whamming and you’ll keep getting Prime Pointz.

Tip #7: Keep Moving

Really. It’s pretty simple. Mightythor says, “Above all else, just keep moving.”

If you want to be the leader of the Leaderboard, you’ll have to wear your Zamzee and get moving.

Do you have tips about how to get to the top of the Leaderboard? If so, share them here!

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