What’s a Histogram? Learning Math with Zamzee

Learning abstract math concepts – like how to make a histogram – certainly isn’t easy. But it’s often even harder for students to understand how histograms apply to the “real world,” and why they should even be learning about them in the first place.

This year Greenfield Hebrew Academy in Atlanta, Georgia has a foolproof response to that age-old student question of, “Yeah, but how does this relate to MY life?” The entire middle school is using Zamzee meters to try to move for a million minutes of activity. In math class the 7th and 8th graders are learning how to make histograms using movement data recorded by their Zamzee meters. These histograms are helping students understand how close the school is towards reaching its goal of a million minutes of moving, and how much different subsets of the student population have been moving.

Bella and Dustin show us that 12 7th graders have moved for 0 – 1000 minutes.

Zoe and Jeremy show us that 16 8th graders have moved for 1 – 1000 minutes.

Dan and Jonathan show us that 12 GHA teachers have moved for 0 – 999 minutes.

Now for the all-important question – do boys move more than girls, or do girls move more than boys? Eliya, Shannan, Brooke, Josh and Lee have some answers for you.

Brooke, Josh and Lee show us that 28 girls moved for 1 – 1000 minutes.

Eliya and Shannan show us that 12 boys have moved for 1 – 1000 minutes.

So how do students feel about the integration of real life in the classroom? Shannan says, “Zamzee’s have been a really fun addition to the school academically and physically. In math we are using Zamzee points to make histograms and box and whisker plots. They are very to fun to play around with and it had encouraged a lot of people to exercise more.”

Coming from a teenager, that sounds pretty good to us! Keep up the great work, GHA!

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