Halloween Costume Ideas for Sporty Kids and Superheroes

This year for Halloween we’ve created a list of our favorite sporty characters and superheroes from books, movies and real-life. Halloween is only 20 days away, which means now is the time to get serious about your costume. But who should you be, and how do you create the perfect outfit? Take some inspiration from the list below, and make sure you wear your Zamzee on Halloween night so you can rack up major Pointz while trick or treating!

1.    Princess Merida from Brave

Princess Merida can ride a horse faster and shoot an arrow straighter than any prince who might dare to claim her hand. To dress up as Merida you’ll have to ditch the glass slippers for a pair of sturdy boots, which only means you’ll be able to walk to that many more houses on Halloween night.

If you’re feeling crafty, take inspiration from this great Sew Can Do tutorial on how to make a Princess Merida costume. If you’re not quite ready to whip out that sewing machine, you can do a mighty fine job covering the basics with a blue dress, red wig, and toy bow and arrow.

Princess Merida costume from Sew Can Do (http://ow.ly/eptIO)

2.    Batman

Batman is one of our favorite superheroes of all-time, and this summer he had to work harder than ever to escape captivity and save Gotham City. Dressing up as Batman requires strength, endurance, and no small dose of courage.

The Batman costume can be as simple or complicated as you want. Keep it simple with black clothes, a sheet for a cape and a plastic mask, or go all out with body armor and a Batmobile. Either way, this WikiHow article has everything you need to know to make your own Batman costume.

Batman Makes An Appearance

Tony Alter’s Flickr Stream, Creative Commons (http://ow.ly/er5g8)


3.    Oliver Wood, Angelina Johnson or Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter

The Gryffindor Quidditch Team has a long history of fierce flying and Quidditch Cup victories. This Halloween dress up as one of Gryffindor’s star players: Oliver Wood, Angelina Johnson, Ginny Wesley or your own favorite player (Draco Malfoy, anyone?).

Take inspiration from the Harry Potter movies or design a costume based entirely on your own imagination. Here’s a great blog post about how to make Gryffindor quidditch robes if you need a little inspiration to get started!

Harry Potter Quidditch Costume from Make It Do http://ow.ly/epuMp

4.    Captain Holly Short from Artemis Fowl

The LEPrecon’s first and only female captain, Captain Holly Short never backs down from a challenge. In fact, sometimes she seeks them out – unnecessarily. Fearless, fearsome and an excellent sharp-shooter, you’d be fortunate to have Holly at your back if you ever get caught in a scrape – and you better hope she never becomes your enemy.

In the books Captain Holly Short is described as being three feet tall with pointy ears, wings, and an auburn crew cut. She never goes anywhere without her Neutrino handgun, so that’s going to be essential to your costume. Take some inspiration for your Holly Short costume from this wiki and the Artemis Fowl graphic novels, and then let your imagination run wild.

Captain Holly Short in the Artemis Fowl graphic novels

5. Popeye the Sailor

There might be a lot of Meridas and Batmans out on the streets this Halloween. If you want to dress up like a mover people haven’t seen in a while, why not be Popeye the Sailor? This super strong sailor has been a hero since the Roaring Twenties, and when he goes trick or treating he usually asks for spinach.

You can probably make a Popeye costume just by rummaging through your closet and getting creative with blue jeans, a black colored shirt, a white sailor hat. But if you want to be super strict about staying in character, check out this guide to making a Popeye the Sailor costume – complete with instructions on how to make your very own can of spinach!

Popeye the Sailor costume from Instructables.com http://ow.ly/epurl

6.    Zed, Zamzee’s Little Ball of Energy

Zed is a non-stop mover and Zamzee’s very own little ball of energy. Some of his favorite pastimes are whooshing and whirring through the clouds and swinging through the trees in search of a carrot. On Halloween you can usually catch Zed doing loop-de-loops past the full moon with all the witches who come out to fly on their broomsticks.

Zed’s a pretty simple guy, so to dress up as him on Halloween you don’t need much more than a white t-shirt, orange marker, and a bundle of energy. But if you want to get the form factor right, you can also make a Zed costume with felt and foam from the craft store and your mad sewing skillz. Add an orange wig for bonus Pointz!

Charlyn from Zamzee dresses up as Zed.

7.    Athletes from the 2012 Summer Olympics

The Olympic games this summer were chock-full of inspiring American athletes, so this Halloween why not dress as an Olympic gold medalist? From the Fierce Five to the US Swimming Team, from track and field to judo, the United States won 46 gold medals at London 2012 so you have plenty of athletes to choose from.

To dress up like an Olympian, first pick your favorite athlete. Gabby Douglas, Michael Phelps or Serena Williams, anyone? Dress up in some red, white and blue sweats, and make sure you have the necessary accessories for your sport (leotards, goggles, tennis rackets, etc.). Then make a bajillion of those pretty gold medals to hang around your neck, and walk up to every door like you’re walking up the medal podium!

Serena Williams

Charles Thompson Photography on Flickr Creative Commons http://ow.ly/epvHQ

Happy Halloween from everyone at Zamzee! What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

2 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Ideas for Sporty Kids and Superheroes

  1. my enemy is going to wear my Halloween costume what am i supposed to do ??? -____________- please tell me what to do fast please i swear it’s a teenage crisis please.

    • Hi Natalie. Uh oh! We say either go all out and rock the Halloween costume you had originally planned (who cares what your enemy is wearing?), or switch to something else if you’d rather. Do any of the above strike your fancy?

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