How Adyson Became My Exercise Buddy

Rebecca, Abigail and Adyson with their Zamzees

Dear Zed and Team,

America’s obesity crisis is a problem that’s very personal for my family and me.

Our oldest daughter is overweight for her age. Our middle child, Adyson, is overweight as well. Adyson is 9 years old and weighs 102 pounds now, but she was 106. Our youngest daughter, who is 8, is on the opposite side of this. She can’t gain weight. As for us, I am considered to be obese. But my husband is an Army Ranger, so he stays overly active.

Last spring our pediatrician suggested that my oldest daughter attend Camp Strong4Life. At Strong4Life, kids learn about exercise, proper meal portions, and how to have fun while being active. Before the kids go, the families attend a weekend retreat to learn how they can positively support their children’s health. On the last night of the retreat, the camp director asked Adyson if she also wanted to join the summer camp. So the following Monday we were off to see our doctor, to get a physical and make sure Adyson qualified (you need a BMI of a certain level to attend). Of course, we qualified.

When the two older girls came back from camp, I was ready for us all to start a new healthy lifestyle. I had noticed that over 85-90% of the camp parents were overweight! I was so ashamed of myself. How could I be a positive role model for my girls and ask them to eat healthier and get moving if I wasn’t myself? So I made that change with them. We cleaned out the cupboards, limited what sweet treats were in the house, and replaced junk food with healthier snacks. We stayed active all summer, swimming, geocaching, and walking the Georgia trails. The girls weren’t too happy about it, but they went along with us. We didn’t give them much choice!

In August we had a follow-up Strong4Life family weekend, and the camp director reminded us of Zamzee. At the end of summer camp, all the campers had been given a Zamzee. Honestly, at first we put it aside. We weren’t sure what the heck a Zamzee was or how it worked! But with that reminder, Adyson instantly wanted to start using the Zamzee.

Let me tell you, I have never seen such a change in Adyson. She wants to go outside. She wants to play and get her points! I now have an exercise buddy. Ady tries to ride and walk every day after school with me, and if we can’t get out, she wants to use my treadmill, play Wii Fit, or take Zamzee Challenges. Our other two daughters watched Adyson, and now they are onboard, too!

I can honestly say that Zamzee has been one of the best motivators to keep our family focused on having fun, getting fit, and being more active as a family. Thank you!

Cyndi Lawrence

Mom to 3 Zamzee crazed kiddos!

The Lawrence family gets active by paddleboating!

Editor’s note: Cyndi sent us this letter, and we asked her permission to re-post it to our blog with some pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Cyndi!

Here’s more information about Camp Strong4Life.

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