Zamzee in Math Class

“36 5th graders have logged a total of 9,154 minutes with Zed”

This year Mrs. Klein, the 5th grade math teacher at Greenfield Hebrew Academy (GHA), has exciting new tools at her disposal to make learning math easier and more fun for her students. Mrs. Klein’s 5th graders are learning addition and division using authentic data, recorded with their Zamzees, on how many minutes they’ve moved so far this year. They are answering big questions, like how many minutes each 5th grader has spent being physically active and how many minutes GHA has to move in order to reach their goal of moving for a million minutes. This type of applied learning is making a big difference in Mrs. Klein’s class already – students enjoy relating math to their daily lives and activity. It makes math more tangible, and numbers more personable.

Here’s what Mrs. Klein has to say about teaching arithmetic with Zamzee minutes:

“The kids were excited to learn that these were the real numbers, and not just made up for the math problem.  We learned by using our addition skills that there are 124 students using Zamzees at GHA.  The students then learned that we have a total of 149 Zamzees at GHA, so how many must be teachers?  We learned that 25 teachers have the Zamzees.  The students then all commented that the teachers must have the most minutes (more than any of the grades) because we have Mrs. Gordon!  Boy, are we lucky to have her on our staff for MANY reasons!

“Next, we looked at the amount of minutes each grade has logged in with Zed.  We learned that the 36 5th graders have logged 9,154 minutes all together.  If we assume that each 5th grader logged the same amount of minutes, we used division to find out that each 5th grader has logged about 254 minutes.

“To end our Zamzee Math for the lesson, we looked at the total amount of minutes GHA has accumulated.  We found out that with our 69,244 minutes logged and a goal of 1,000,00 minutes, we still have a far way to go (930,756 minutes far).  I asked the kids what they are going to each do personally to help GHA with our AMMA goal.  Our responses ranged from walk more around the field at recess to taking challenges when we finish our homework.

“It was great to start using this authentic data in math class.  I cannot wait to start using this data to review what we have learned with range, mean, median, and mode.  It was too bad we ran out of time today!”

GHA Middle School has moved 69,244 minutes so far

Students crunch the numbers

“I think that 6th grade has the most points”

Read more about how the Greenfield Hebrew Academy is using Zamzee this year to get active.

2 thoughts on “Zamzee in Math Class

  1. An effective means of getting children engaged in mathematics. First time viewer of what zamzee really is, still doing the research. Interesting feedback from GHA. Looked at the website, kinda lost and came across this blog while browsing.

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