Zamzee at the San Francisco Giants AT&T Park

AT&T Park

Photo by Christopher Bowns/Creative Commons

At Zamzee, we think a lot about how to make physical activity fun and engaging for kids. That’s why an extra large serving of fun, playfulness and imagination is mixed into the entire Zamzee experience. We designed Zamzee Challenges so that even the first-time mover can have a blast imagining himself as a swashbuckling pirate, inter-galactic pilot – or a hard-hitting Major League Baseball player.

This summer Zamzee is bringing Challenges to life by teaming up with our hometown San Francisco Giants. We’re sponsoring The Giant Race at AT&T Park on Sunday, September 16th. We’re giving every participant of the Kids Race a free Zamzee (courtesy of the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund) to wear as they run laps around the same baseball diamond Buster Posey calls home. We’ll also be at Game Day on Sunday, September 23rd, giving away free Zamzees to the first 500 kids we meet in the Gan Lot as the Giants face off against the San Diego Padres.

To prepare, we asked our three biggest Giants fans in the office to tell us all you need to know about the Giants and AT&T Park. Here’s what they said:

The Zamzee Fan Guide to the San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park: Everything you need to know, from traffic to ERAs

Go Giants!

Photo by Jan Herbert/Creative Commons

          Answers in blue by Pat Christen, Board of Directors

          Answers in red by Ellen LaPointe, Strategic Partnerships

          Answers in green by David Kim, IT Manager

1: What’s the best way to get to AT&T Park?

Drive with my husband. He has been going to Giants games since he was 10…

BART/Muni. Part of the fun is riding with other fans. Unless of course you can get a ride with Pat and her husband, who has been attending Giants games since he was a kid. 

If you live in the City, definitely by Muni or taxi. If you live on the Peninsula side of the Bay, including San Jose, then Caltrain is a must. If you live on the East side of the Bay, then your best bet is BART, get off at Embarcadero and then transfer to the Muni, which is located below BART once you get off.

2: What do you always need to bring with you to a ballgame?

Layers – lots of layers – and a good pair of sunglasses.

Optimism. Someone to yell with. An empty stomach. 

Bring sunglasses and sunscreen if it’s a day game – layers are only needed for night games. You can bring in unopened bottles of water and food from outside, so I usually have a backpack. If you are a true gamer, bring your glove.

3: Do you have any tips for navigating the stadium crowds with kids?

AT&T Park is VERY kid-friendly. Don’t rush, hold the hands of little kids and give them a place to meet you in case you get separated.

Make sure they know your cell number, and where to go if they lose you. But they won’t lose you, because you’ll be joined at the hip watching the game, strolling around, laughing and eating the entire time.

There is so much space, it’s not really an issue. I would only suggest keeping them close.

4: What’s your pre-game ritual?

I listen to the pre-game show on KNBR before the game and get to my seat as early as possible because I love watching the Park fill with fans.

I listen to nearly every game on KNBR. I always listen to the whole pre-game show. I think the part of Bruce Bochy will be played by Sam Elliott in the movie, by the way.  Not that you asked.

Amici pizza for $5 from their sidewalk waitress. If it’s Tuesday, standing behind CSN Live newscast as a member of the background audience in front of the Park.

5: What’s the best food in the stadium, and where?

We always save room for a Ghirardelli sundae. Especially if it’s a foggy, windy night.

Sheboygan Bratwurst from a Doggie Diner that grills them fresh (locations throughout). Crazy Crab Sandwich from Crazy Crab Wharf (located behind the scoreboard). Garlic fries from Gilroy Garlic Fries. (located on 3rd base side of stadium). Corn beef sandwich from King Street Carvery (located on 3rd base side of stadium).

6: Who is the all-time best Giants player?

Willie Mays. ‘Nuf said.

Willie Mays. Please.

Willie “The Say Hey Kid” Mays – 1954 World Series Champion.  First Ballot 1979 Hall of Famer.  24 All-Star appearances.  2-time NL MVP.  660 home runs.  12 Gold Gloves.  There is no greater Giant, no question.

7: What’s the traffic like pulling out of the parking lot after a game?

It empties really quickly. Modest patience and you’ll be fine.

The ramp is a river of people. If we have won, it’s like a nice tubing experience. If we have lost, it’s Class 2 rapids. Or even 3, if it was the Dodgers that beat us.

BAD.  Why would anyone drive? The parking lot is $20+.

8: What’s the best thing to do if the kids get restless?


Take them to the “kids” batting cages next to the Coca-Cola glove.

9: If it’s the bottom of the 9th and the Giants are down, who should go to bat? 

Buster, Pablo or Scutaro at the moment…

Buster Posey. Please.

Buster Posey.

10: What do you think Tim Lincecum’s ERA is? (Don’t look! Just guess!)

Too painful – I don’t even want to guess. 5.2?



The answer? As of September 13th, 2012, it’s 5.09.

11: Are the Giants going to win the World Series this year?

Of course. You gotta believe…

Yes!  Don’t stop believin’!

I thought we would for sure.  I’m not so sure after what just happened with Melky Cabrera…

Well, there you have it! The Zamzee team will be spending the next two Sundays at AT&T Park, cheering for Buster and keeping a keen eye for foul balls and triple plays. We hope to see you there!

98/365  Giants Opening Day World Champs Banner

2012 is up next! Photo by Bapnoyndamix/Creative Commons

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