5 Olympic Cheers for Little Sports Fanatics

By Whitney from RookieMoms.com

Olympic Torch Relay - Eastbourne

Photo courtesy of Vicburton’s Flickr stream (http://ow.ly/cx0i0)

As my 7-year old son has developed the skill to watch televised sporting events and follow the mechanics of the game play, it has amused me to no end to see him leap off the couch and yell, “KICK A FIELD GOAL!” or “3-POINTER!” Are some kids just born with the scream-at-the-television gene?

When my husband gave him the side of a cardboard box to make a sign for our Super Bowl party, he drew a huge D, followed by a plus sign and an odd line drawing that we eventually determined was a fence; it was a cartoon representation of D+FENCE. Pretty smart for a first grader, if I do say so myself.

We’re caught up in the Olympic spirit and planning to cheer on Team USA for the next few weeks. I thought it would be fun to teach my son some cheers or chants that go with various sports.  Here are a few I collected from the Internet, but I’d love it if you add your favorites in the comments.


Dribble it (clap, clap)
Pass it (clap, clap)
We want (clap, clap) a basket!


(sung to the tune of The Addams Family theme song)

We’re mighty and we’re vicious,
some say we’re superstitious,
We always hit your pitches,
The TEAM USA baseball team,
du nu nu nu *clap clap*
du nu nu nu *clap clap*
du nu nu nu, du nu nu nu, du nu nu nu
*clap clap*

Any  sport

We all got together and this is what we said.
We’re gonna F-I-G-H-T
We’re gonna S-C-O-R-E
We’re gonna fight
We’re gonna score
We’re gonna win tonight! WOOHOO

Call and response

This format is very popular for school and recreational sports where a leader engages the crowd to respond. Here’s a classic that works for any sport:

When I say GO, you say FIGHT!
Leader: Go!
Crowd: Fight!
Leader: Go!
Crowd: Fight!

When I say WIN, you say TONIGHT!
Leader: Win!
Crowd: Tonight!
Leader: Win!
Crowd: Tonight!

When I say BOOGIE, you say DOWN!
Leader: Boogie!
Crowd: Down!
Leader: Boogie!
Crowd: Down!

When I say ALL, you say RIGHT!
Leader: All!
Crowd: Right!
Leader: All!
Crowd: Right!


Do you have any favorite chants?

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