5 Indoor Games for when it’s Hot, Hot, Hot!

By Heather from RookieMoms.com

Being active in the summertime on those sweltering days can be a challenge. Sometimes all you want to do is sneak into an air-conditioned movie theater and slurp sodas while a blockbuster movie does the work for you.

Here are a few enjoyable ways to keep your body moving while you hide from the heat.

Hula Hoop the Heat! (Image sourced from the Independent.)

Hula Hoop

Grab your hoop, clear some space, and get twirling. For novice hoopers, clip your zamzee to your waistband and try to keep the hoop spinning around your middle.

If that gets too easy, try some maneuvers around your arms, legs or neck. Or you can add more hoops to your middle. All of these motions are good exercise


Dance off

Turn on the Thriller album and both parents and children will have trouble keeping their feet from dancing. We’ve seen it. If Michael Jackson doesn’t do it for your family, choose other favorite dance songs for an indoor dance-off and keep a playlist at the ready.

Hopscotch is more fun in pink! (Image sourced from NieNie Dialogues.)

Indoor hopscotch

Using painters tape or duck tape, strap down a hopscotch grid and get jumping.  If that feels too permanent, this great looking hopscotch mat can be repositioned to any room of the house or brought outside as a picnic blanket once the summer sizzle has abated.

Are you in the Zone yet? (Image sourced from NBC.)

Crazy challenges

Attach your zamzee to your foot and try the “Temper Tantrum” challenge (pictured). How long can you stay in the zone flat on your back?

Inspired by the NBC show, Minute to Win it, can you invent a few around-the-house challenges to get housebound feet moving? Tweens and teens can assemble the objects and prepare the tasks before you get the timer started. Here are five Minute to Win it challenges appropriate for kids.  Hope you’re not too protective of your toilet paper or cereal boxes!

Image sourced from Arvind Grover on Flickr.

Strength + balance

Get a sleeve of plastic or paper cups and balance a tower of three on your hands. Now, stand really still and see how many you can hold on top of your head (with no hands!). You may not rack up the zamzee points for these moves, but you might just find inner peace.

If you give up on balance games before enlightenment is reached, you can always turn them into bowling pins. Use a ball of clean socks as your ball!

With a few hours of active, indoor fun, maybe you’ve all earned that movie now!

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